10 secrets of Gandhiji’s health, which you hardly know …

Read about some of the secrets related to Mahatma Gandhi’s health, which you hardly know …

Mahatma Gandhi used to spend a week without eating and drinking, who made a significant contribution in the independence of the country. Mahatma Gandhi’s power of thinking was not only contributed to the change in the country’s politics, but also his physical strength also played an important role.

Gandhi, who won freedom for the country without a sword and without a gun, was very conscious about his health and fitness. You can also learn these 10 health lessons from Gandhiji.

1. Age increases with non-violence: Mahatma Gandhi believed that non-violence is not only necessary for the protection of human beings, but renunciation of such ideology makes life even longer. Such people are calm in nature and rarely have problems like hypertension and heart disease. People who remain calm also have less desire to eat cigarettes, alcohol and non-healthy food.

2. Sleeping early and waking early: Mahatma Gandhi used to sleep only 4 to 5 hours at night. They used to leave the bed before the sun rose. According to today’s lifestyle, 7 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary for the youth. In such a situation, Gandhi ji’s habit of sleeping early and getting up early can make the day of youth productive.

3. Fasting improves health: Mahatma Gandhi believed that fasting is good for health. This clears the stomach and reduces body fat. According to Ayurveda, every person must keep a fast once a week. Gandhiji kept a 21-day fast for the unity of Hindu and Muslim.

4. Consider your diet: Gandhiji used to say that our body is not a dustbin. So do not put anything in the stomach. Consider it before eating food, consider what you are eating and what will be its long term effect.

5. Distance from alcohol and tobacco: Mahatma Gandhi used to advise to keep away from these two things. Alcohol and tobacco can cause lung cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, etc. Due to this, diabetes, heart diseases can also occur.

6. Meditation: Mahatma Gandhi often used to meditate. Meditation controls blood pressure and is also effective in controlling stress and depression.

7. Positive Thinking: Our thinking also affects our health. Mahatma Gandhi used to say that our thinking makes us human. Positive thinking not only keeps our health right, but it also improves our skills and ability to work.

8. Walk: The habit of walking was the biggest reason behind Mahatma Gandhi ‘s energy and strength. Not only does walking increase your stamina, but it also increases your immunity.

9. Learn to forgive others and yourself: Do not carry a burden on your heart. Mahatma Gandhi used to say that people who are weak never forgive anyone. Forgiveness is a sign of your strength. When there is stress in your heart and mind, it will also affect your physical health. The habit of forgiveness reduces anger, depression and fatigue.

10. Empathy: People who sympathize with others feel better. It helps you understand others. You are less critical and understand how others are feeling.


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