3 lakh children are getting cancer every year, only 30% lives in India

The increasing trend of cancer in children is a bell of danger for the whole world. Every year about three lakh children fall prey to this deadly disease, of which more than 78 thousand are in India alone. Even more sad is that in developed countries, where about 80 percent of children are cured, in India, doctors are able to save only 30 percent of children with cancer. The World Health Organization has set a target to make 60 percent of cancer-affected children victorious in the war of life by 2030.

Ease of treatment when cancer is detected in early stages  

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, brain tumors, Hodgkin's lymphoma, sakorma, and embryonal tumors are not just difficult words but also a type of life-threatening cancer that catapults children to death with a loud laugh. However, doctors can be relieved that in most cases it can be cured by taking a little attention and recognizing the cancer in a timely manner. Poonam Bagai, founder of Cancid, an NGO working in this area, says that the rate of access to cancer-infused children hospital and modern medical services in the village countryside is only 15 percent.

Poonam, who conquers cancer herself, understands the horrors of this disease and its pain well. This is the reason why she quit her government job in 2004 and founded this organization and today, working with 69 hospitals in the country, she has been able to provide appropriate medical help and all kinds of facilities to more than 42 thousand children. Poonam said that her organization is working in partnership with 69 cancer centers in 42 cities across 22 states across the country. Projects have been set up in 10 states. The MoU has been signed with the Government of Punjab and Maharashtra as a knowledge partner.

Poonam Bagai said that this year, with the intention of spreading public awareness about children's cancer on behalf of 'Cancer Survivors', launched a 'Haak Baat' campaign, involving all stakeholders, hospitals, nurses, schools, colleges and government has gone. Regarding cancer in children, Dr. Nitin Lekha, Senior Consultant, Surgical Oncologist at JP Hospital, Noida, says that there are many differences between cancer in adults and children and the number of children in the total number of cancer patients in India is 3 to 5. Is a percentage. According to him, if the disease is detected on time, cancer can be defeated to a large extent.

Parents need to know the initial symptoms of cancer  

Cancid founder Poonam Bagai said that acute lymphoblastic leukemia, brain tumors, Hodgkin's lymphoma, etc. are cancers in children. Parents should be aware of the initial symptoms associated with cancer and become alert if the child is not experiencing normal physical, mental development, starts to be underweight, has sudden bleeding, or starts having lumps in any part of the body. Keep an eye on the family history of diseases, because cancers like leukemia and brain tumors etc. can also be caused by genetic reasons.

In this regard, Umma Singh, Senior Consultant, Pediatric Hemato Oncology Doctor at Action Cancer Hospital, says that all countries of Asia including India are in a miserable condition in relation to children's cancer. There is a lack of proper health facilities in these countries, poverty and lack of awareness have made the situation worse. He said that due to lack of information, children are brought for treatment in the third or fourth phase of the disease, in which it is almost impossible to save the patient's life. In such a situation, a big risk can be avoided if you detect this disease early.
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