Beware of these 7 things during Navratri, your weight may increase

If your goal is to lose weight during Navratri, then it is important to keep in mind these 7 things or else weight can increase rather than decrease. Not only this, the goal of detoxing your body can also remain incomplete.

Today is the third day of Navratri and there is a lot of enthusiasm among the people to celebrate this nine days festival. Navaratri is also called Durga Puja and there are many different practices in different parts of the country to celebrate it. People worship the nine forms of the Goddess during these nine days and a 9-day fast is also kept for her worship.

While most people observe the fast of Navratri for religious reasons or devotion, there are also some people who like to fast in these 9 days to get rid of their body from toxic elements or to lose weight. But whether you believe it or not, most people do not consider fasting as a medium in which weight is to be lost, but sometimes due to fasting or fasting in the wrong ways, weight increases more than weight loss.

Here we will tell you about the mistakes that people often make while fasting, and because of which they gain weight.

1. While accepting Kuttu pakoras, poori or sago tikki as fast food, we forget that it is very important to have vegetables and fruits in our diet. Even in the food of Navratri, its importance can not be reduced. If you are fasting for detoxification, then place more and more green vegetables and fruits in your food so that you can achieve your goal.

2. It is very important to maintain the amount of water in the body, whether you are fasting or not. During fasting, people often stop drinking water and forget to hydrate the body. One major effect of this is that even if you are thirsty, you feel like you are hungry. Drinking more water during the fast keeps your body detoxed and also maintains the glow of your skin.

3. Homemade food is usually given priority during the fast, but nowadays there are many options about fasting food in the market, which provide many varieties of food in front of you. Many times the products of external vow are consumed in this cycle. So you should keep in mind that during the fast, you should focus on homemade food only so that your body and body system can be relaxed and refreshed.

4. Consume more vegetables as they are rich in fiber and make them feel full for a long time. Therefore, you should try to consume less calories and more nutritious food during fasting by only using salad or soup.

5. Fast for the whole day and do not eat anything and at the time of opening the fast, eating food in full can not be called good for health in any way. This not only kills your energy but also drops the blood sugar level. To maintain your blood sugar level at the right level, take 4 or 5 miles at least a day. We are not saying that every time you eat potatoes, chips, fried foods or the products you eat during fasting, rather you make chas, once a fruit, once a salad or a soup. You can also make rich and not too many calories will go into your body.

6. You may feel relaxed during the fast, but this does not mean that you can laziness all day. Along with keeping the focus on your food, keep a complete focus on your physical activities and do not decrease them during fasting.

7. Some fast foods are very tasty, which can be difficult for you to refuse. So if you feel like eating kuttu pakoras during the fast, then you can eat them 2-4 times out of the total 9 days, but daily intake can not be said in any way. So say no to deep fry and include sago, sweet potato, salad, soup and dry fruits in your diet.
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