Cardiac arrest is more dangerous than heart attack, these are symptoms

The whole country is saddened by the news of Sridevi's death, but many people are also worried about knowing the reason for her death. After all, what is a cardiac arrest that can bring even a healthy and healthy person to death?

The whole country is shocked by the sudden death of Sridevi. On Saturday, at the age of 54, Sridevi breathed her last in Dubai. She went there to attend a wedding ceremony where she died. Sridevi's sudden departure like this is very sad.

Cardiac arrest is believed to be the reason behind the death of Sridevi, who is very conscious about fitness. After all, what is a cardiac arrest that can lead even a healthy and healthy person to death? Let's know ...

What is a cardiac arrest

In this, the exchange of information between different parts within the heart gets messed up, due to which the heartbeat has a bad effect. Heart rate is regulated through jacardiopulmonary resistance (CPR). People who have had a heart attack before, they are more likely to get cardiac arrest.

Difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest

Many people consider these two to be one, but they are different. During heart attack, blood flow accumulates in some parts of the heart due to which heart attack occurs. On the other hand, due to any reason in cardiac attack, the heart stops functioning properly and stops suddenly.

Symptoms of cardiac arrest-

Heart beat

Feeling tired

Shortness of breath

Heart ache


These reasons may increase the risk of cardiac arrest



Cholesterol increase

Excluding workout, yoga and exercise in daily life

High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

Saden Cardiac Attack Prevention

There is a need to contact the doctor immediately if you feel this. It is possible to treat it with the help of cardiopulmonary resection (CPR). However, general doctors can also treat it with the help of defibrillator. If positive steps are taken at the right time, then human life can also be saved.
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