Do not allow weakness in the body during Navratri, decide your diet chart in this way

Shardiya Navratri is going on at this time. In this nine-day festival, nine different forms of the Goddess are worshiped. Those who fast for nine days of Navratri are required to take care of certain things or else their health may be adversely affected and weakness in the body may also come.

Although it is not a difficult task for those who are fasting, but in times of excitement, the fasting gaps so much during the time of eating that it starts to affect their health. So here we are telling about some such things which will give you the benefit of not compromising health during the fast.

1. Do not gap too much during the meal time and keep taking some food at short intervals.

2. In this, options such as one time buttermilk, one time fruit and one time dry fruits can be adopted.

3. You can take green tea at the beginning of the day and after this one or two dates can also be consumed.

4. If you do not take breakfast during the fast, during this time do not remain completely empty stomach and you can consume dry fruit.

5. You can take sago tikki or khichdi, or buttermilk in the day meal.

6. Eating heavy food in the evening in an empty stomach for the whole day cannot be called sensible in any way.

7. In the evening you can take potatoes while opening the fast and you can use rock salt in it.

8. Some people can also take salads and soups while opening the fast in the evening, if they do not have to take heavy food then this is a good option.

9. If you can have a glass of milk at night, then it will not allow weakness in your body during the fast.

10. During fast, take special care of one thing that do not let the body lack water. This may affect your health. During the fast, keep taking water for a short time.
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