If you want to eat less then do food alone, people eat more food with friends

 If you want to eat less to make the body shapely, then it would be better to eat alone. New research has shown that a person consumes more food with friends and family. The study, published in the American Society of Clinical Nutrition, states that while eating 'socially', a person eats more food, while alone he eats many times less.

Researcher Helen Ruddock of the University of Birmingham in the UK said, "We have found strong evidence that a person eats more with family and friends than eating alone."

Previous studies have found that those eating with others ate up to 48 per cent more food than those who ate alone, and obese women ate up to 29 per cent more than those who ate alone socially.

For the study, researchers evaluated 42 existing studies of research into community food. The researcher found that the person consumes more food with friends and family because eating with others increases the amount of food taken and it is delightful.
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