Who is the best among the Benelli Imperial 400, Classic 350 and Java bikes, learn here

Benelli Imperiale 400 launched in the Indian market on 22 October. It is Benelli 's first retro-style and lowest priced bike in India. The segment launched in this bike is dominated by the Royal Enfield Classic 350. Benelli Imperial 400 will compete directly with Classic 350 and Jawa bikes in the market.

Here we are telling you about the advantages of Benelli Imperial 400, Classic 350 and Java bikes. With this, you will be able to easily guess which of these three bikes is the best for you.


Benelli Imperial 400 is priced at Rs 1.69 lakh. The starting price of the Java bike is 1.64 lakhs and the Royal Enfield Classic 350 has a starting price of Rs 1.54 lakhs. These prices are ex-showroom. The Classic 350 is the cheapest and the Imperial 400 is the most expensive among the three by price.

The styling is

all three retro-styled bikes. These include round headlamps and spoke wheels, which make the bike's retro look perfect. The silver finish has been given over some parts on all three bikes. The highest silver finish will be seen in Java bikes. Royal Enfield's Classic 350 and Benelli's Imperial 400 have split seats, while Java has a flat bench seat.

Seat height, weight and fuel tank The

Imperial 400 seats 780 mm and weighs 205 kg. Its fuel tank capacity is 12 litres. The Classic 350 has a seat height of 800 mm, weight 194 kg and fuel tank capacity 13.5 litres. The seat height of the Java bike is 765mm, weight 170 kg and fuel tank capacity 14 litres. For those whose height is less, Java bike will be better, because its seat height is the lowest among these three. Apart from this, the weight of this bike is the lowest and the fuel tank capacity is the highest. In terms of weight, Benelli's new bike is the heaviest among them.


Benelli Imperial 400 has a 374cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine, which generates 21 bhp power and 29Nm torque. The Jawa bike has a 293cc engine, which generates 27bhp power and 28nm torque. The Royal Enfield Classic 350 has a 346cc engine, which generates 19.8 bhp power and 28 Nm torque. Among the three bikes, the highest power will be found in the Java bike, while the Classic 350 has the lowest power. The Imperial 400 and Classic 350 engines are 5-speed, while the Java bike engine is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox.

The Imperial 400 has 300mm in the front, 240mm disc brake in the rear and dual-channel ABS standard. The Classic 350 has 280 mm at the front, 240 mm disc brake at the rear and dual-channel ABS standard. Apart from this, this bike is also available in 153 mm drum brake and single-channel ABS option in the rear. The Jawa bike has 280mm disc brakes at the front, 153 mm drum brakes at the rear and single-channel ABS standard. Java is also available in both disc and dual-channel ABS options on both sides, but its price is slightly higher.

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