21 minute exercise, long life guarantee

Due to busy life, we are not able to exercise. But knowing this shocking news about exercise, you will be surprised ...

We are not able to exercise due to the Bhagam Bhag lifestyle. But knowing this shocking news about exercise, you will be surprised. In fact, the National Guidelines have been released in the UK, according to the report, if a person exercises for only 21 minutes a day, then his age can increase to 3 years.

This study was done on 6,600 thousand people in 12 months, who give 21 minutes a day and 150 minutes a week to exercise. At the same time, after the study, 3 years of life was expected to increase.

At the same time, under the UK national guideline, researchers did research on the youth that if it goes from 60 to 90 minutes daily, then life can increase from 2.4 years to 2.7 years. At the same time, the researchers concluded by analyzing the Vitality Age of each participant.

Researchers monitored the behaviour of each participant before and after research. Where they found that participants do not want to exercise due to time (31%), cost (21%) and lack of happiness (19%). The purpose of this survey is that every person can make a change in their life by exercising through small work.
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