76,000 Indian women feared dead by breast cancer by 2020

Breast cancer cases in India are increasing continuously due to lack of awareness. According to the data, by 2020, the number of deaths due to breast cancer in India can reach 76000 ...

Due to delay in early detection, breast cancer is not treated in time. A research report has expressed the apprehension that around 76,000 Indian women may die every year by 2020. Research says that it is one of the common cancers in women in India.

In 2012, 70,218 lives were lost due to breast cancer . This research has been published in the Journal of Business Research.

It also states that the average age of those who died of the disease has changed from 50 years to 30 years.

Vijay Pereira, assistant dean (research) at the University of Wollogong, Dubai, said the result of this problem was appalling and had a major impact on the policy of the Indian government.

Pereira said that this is a complex challenge at the national, state and community levels.

He said that it is clear that qualitative care and awareness should be changed in health care at the state level .
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