AIIMS doctor made world's smallest ventilator, can keep it in pocket

The Indian doctor has created a unique ventilator, which can also be kept in the pocket. Know what is its value and how it is used ...

AIIMS doctors have prepared a ventilator that can be kept in the pocket. U ventilator is the smallest ventilator in the world. It has been prepared by Divakar Vaishya, the head of 'A Set Robotics'.

Oxygen cylinder is not required for this. Anyone can buy it. Its price is 15 thousand to 20 thousand rupees. It is the smallest ventilator in the world and preparations for its patent are also underway.

Earlier, Diwakar has made veal chairs, 3D printed robots and dancing robots etc. to be controlled from Vaishya Mind.

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According to Diwakar, running the world's smallest ventilator is very easy and anyone can use it at home as per their requirement.

Patients who have difficulty breathing, a permanent tube is inserted around their neck. The same tube is attached to a portable ventilator. It runs on electricity. With the pressure sensor in the ventilator, the patient breathes and leaves as per the need.

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After the introduction of this ventilator, now those patients who have been on ventilator for a long time can be discharged from the hospital. Deaths due to ventilators will also decrease.
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