Do not let pollution spoil the fun of Diwali, these problems can be ...

Pollution can prove fatal on Diwali. Because the smoke emanating from vehicles and firecrackers dissolves with air and gives rise to many diseases.

Burning firecrackers is common on Diwali. There is a lot of enthusiasm to burn firecrackers especially in children. They find Diwali incomplete without firecrackers. But do you know how heavy burning crackers can read on you.

A report by the Department of Environmental Protection has claimed that the pollution in the air due to firecrackers burning on Diwali increases by 6 to 10 times as compared to normal days.

Explain that firecrackers contain nitrogen, sulfur gas along with charcoal and gunpowder, due to which the amount of sulfur and chemicals gas is found more than double in the air on the occasion of Diwali.

According to experts, firecrackers contain at least 20 to 21 types of chemicals , which dissolve in air and cause health damage.

Due to many types of chemicals in the air, they affect our health quite badly. For pregnant women, children and asthma patients, this air is not reduced by any poison.

Damage from firecrackers:

1. There is a danger of burning of the body due to the flashing of the nails, if the sparks go into the eyes, then the eyesight can also be lost.

2. Heartburn may also be caused to the heart of the heart due to the sharp sound of firecrackers.

3. Fumes from firecrackers can also cause irritation in the eyes, cough, sore throat and breathlessness, due to which the risk of asthma is increased in the patients.

4. The carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide present in the firecrackers can be harmful for the pregnant woman and the baby growing in her womb.

5. There is also a risk of ear piercing due to sharp noise emanating from firecrackers.

6. Fumes from firecrackers can also cause diseases related to lungs and kidneys along with high blood pressure, anxiety, vomiting.

7. The smoke and sparks emanating from firecrackers with humans also harm animals and birds in many ways.

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