Eggs placed in the refrigerator's egg rack are dangerous for health, know why

According to Vilatka from the space station, laying eggs in a plastic rack made in the fridge is the most dangerous.

When you open the gate of the fridge of your house, you must first see the eggs placed in the plastic rack in the refrigerator gate. Because it is generally seen that there is a special place to lay eggs in the fridge gate, and we keep eggs at the same place. Because we feel that it is the most right and safe place to lay eggs. But you must be surprised to know that eggs kept in egg rack of the fridge are very harmful for your health.

Know why loss occurs:

According to Vilatka of 'Space Station', laying eggs in a plastic rack made in the refrigerator is the most dangerous.

According to Vilatka, they deteriorate quickly by placing eggs in the refrigerator gate . The main reason for this is that due to repeated opening and closing of the fridge, the temperature of the things kept in the gate changes and the eggs get spoiled due to this. Because of which eating eggs laid in the fridge gate has a very bad effect on health.

What to do:

You do not need to panic. You can keep the eggs anywhere inside leaving the refrigerator gate . If you are afraid of breaking eggs, you can put eggs in a box and keep it inside the refrigerator. By doing this, the eggs will not be spoiled and your health will also remain.
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