Fast in Navratri, these 9 amazing benefits

Are you observing this fast? If this is the case, then also know its benefits. May be your waist is also thin on this excuse…

The worship of Navadurga has started from today. Most people observe fast in Navratri. Fasting is usually associated with reverence and devotion. At the same time there are some people who keep fast thinking that their weight will be reduced on this excuse, but only few people will know that fasting is very beneficial for health.

By fasting , the toxins present in the body are cleared. With this, the digestive system also gets better than before.

These are the 9 reasons on the basis of which we can say that the fasters live a long life.

1. The fat burning process is accelerated during fasting . Due to which the fat starts melting fast.

2. Fat cells release a hormone called leptin. Getting less calories during fasting affects the activation of leptin and reduces weight.

3. During fasting, it is necessary to take some essential nutrients or else fasting may be painful for you. Whenever you eat something after the fast, try that it is nutritious and not full of fat, otherwise the weight will increase rather than decrease.

4. Fasting helps in the formation of new immune cells. According to experts of University of South California, it is very beneficial for cancer patients to keep fast. Especially for those patients who are taking chemotherapy.

5. It is not necessary that you fast only when there is a religious occasion. To clean the internal dirt and improve digestion, you can fast at any time.

6. In many studies, it has been found that fasting for some time increases the metabolic rate by 3 to 14 percent. If this is really the case then it will take less time to digestion and burn calories.

7. Fasting also keeps the mind healthy. Fasting is beneficial in many problems related to depression and brain.

8. During the fast, you also get an idea of ​​how wrong your food is.

9. In today's time, stress is a very big medical problem. Fasting reduces stress.
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