Give health gifts to your loved ones this Diwali

As soon as Diwali comes, sweets start coming in the house. We also like to give sweets as a gift but make this Diwali a little healthier. Learn how ...

Along with the happiness of Diwali, it also brings a lot of calories and fat. During the festival, sweets are made at home as well as guests coming home also bring sweets as gifts. With this, children get to know how many flavors of chocolate they eat.

If there is no sweets in the festival then how will the festival be celebrated and this is also the best gift. But as the festival passes, the most effect of sweets on health. If someone's BP increases, someone gets upset with the cavity of the tooth.

Now what to do in this situation because eating and giving sweets in the festival is made. But if a little attention is given, instead of giving health problems to our acquaintances in the form of sweets, we can also gift protein and fiber. Celebrate Diwali this time, so that the health of the festival is not fun.

Dry fruits are health mines

Dry fruits are the best medium for protein. Like sweets, they are still left from adulteration. You can feel free to give them as a gift to your friends and visiting people. Nowadays, dry fruits gifts of every range are easily available in the market.

Benefits of eating dry fruits:

1. Many dry fruits are also very beneficial for diabetes and heart patients.

2. It has been found in many researches that by eating a few nuts daily you can live a long life full of health. For this, you have to eat them without salt and without roasting.

3. The anti-oxidant found in almonds reduces bad cholesterol from the body and at the same time it also prevents the risk of heart disease.

4. Similarly, eating pistachios strengthens the body's ability to fight against diseases.

5. Along with controlling cholesterol and glucose, cashew nut reduces headaches and stress.

6. Consuming walnuts leads to good sleep and reduces stress. If you are going through depression, consuming walnuts will greatly benefit you. Omega 3 is also very much in it.
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