If you wake up late at night, then read this, if you are in the grip of this disease

If you stay awake till late night or you do not sleep early at night, then definitely read this news…

If you are unable to sleep or you do not sleep at night, then you can have amnesia. This disclosure has been made in a recent study report. Lack of sleep affects your memory and in old age it can lead to Alzheimer's.

According to the report, there is an increased risk of Alzheimer's in people who are unable to sleep at night or who have trouble sleeping. This study has been done at the University of Wisconsin. The report of the study has been published in the Medical Journal called Neurology.

According to the researchers, because of sleep problems, markers are present in the spinal fluid present in the brain and spine. These markers also include molecules that increase the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's.

The study also claimed in the report that poor sleep or lack of sleep also eliminates brain debris, which is helpful in remembering. In many previous research and studies, the ability to sleep and remember has also been seen.
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