Just a blood test will know cancer, know how cheap it is ...

Scientists have developed a method in which cancer can be detected only through blood tests.

Stanford University researchers have developed a new type of inexpensive molecular blood test method. With this investigation, the growth and spread of cancer can be detected soon.

This test requires only a little blood in one tube. This will allow the identification of small genetic changes in the amount of DNA released by cancer cells in the blood . This research has been published in 'The Journal of Molecular Diagnostic'.

Stanford University Assistant Professor Hanley PG Said that there is only a blood test method to monitor the tumors of patients, which is limited to only a few types of cancer. Nearly all cancer patients need to be monitored throughout the body, which is a more expensive, complicated and time-consuming process.

Hanley said that in contrast, molecular testing is possible every time a patient comes to the hospital, so it can quickly detect the growth and spread of cancer.
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