Keep these 6 things in your gym bag

If you go to the gym, then keep these essentials in your gym bag.

If you want to complete your workout without any hassle, then keep some accessories in your gym bag so that you can stick to your fitness goal. Experts say so. Aarushi Verma, the co-founder of FitPass and fashion curator of Ruposo, says keep the following accessories in your gym bag.

1. Foam Rollers: This is an economical tool that helps a lot in your daily workout session. It is simple and effective. It is available in a variety of variants, including grid, black foam roller and firm rumble roller.

2. Fitness Armband: There is a huge demand for fitness armband in the market nowadays, as they protect your smartphone. When you shop for the band, make sure that it will be compatible with your smartphone. It is available in various colors, weights and patterns. Choose bands that are water resistant and have good stretchability.

3. Weight Lifting Globs: Do n't forget this. If you regularly do weight lifting workouts, then you will know how important it is for the safety of your grip. In this, you select the globs with good grip, which soak up the moisture well and hold it well on your fingers to lift the weight.

4. Casual clothes: Choose some lightweight and well-fitting breathable clothes, especially when you are going to the gym after returning from office.

5. Diary and Pen: It is also very important to keep an account of your workouts, so that you can monitor your progress. Keep all the major records set, rap, weight and rest period etc. in your diary.

6. Heart Rate Monitor: If you want to monitor the progress of your every move in real time, then definitely keep a good heart rate monitor in your gym bag. You can use it in cardio and lifting sessions, so that you can monitor your heartbeat and stay in the desired area.
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