Know, what is 'encephalitis', which killed many children in Gorakhpur

The death of children one after another in Gorakhpur has shaken people. You also know about the disease that is dragging children into the death of the mouth ...

The question is: how many children were enrolled in Gorakhpur government medical college at the same time? What disease did they have? After all, what is the disease that causes 17–18 children to die every day. The name of this disease is 'Japanese fever'. This disease is caused by falling prey to a particular type of virus. In this disease, there is difficulty in breathing among other things.

Although the government red tape and lack of oxygen in Gorakhpur suddenly lost the lives of 30 innocent children , but then the question is, why did most children die due to lack of oxygen? Why about two-thirds of the 34 people who died in the last 48 hours at the BRD Medical College Hospital in Gorakhpur were children? And after all, why are a large number of children still admitted in this hospital?

The answer to this question is that disease, which mostly affects children below 16 years of age . Yes, Japanese encephalitis means Japanese fever or meningitis.

What is Japanese fever or meningitis

In the medical term, medical terms, if the symptoms of this disease are more or worse, it is called acute encephalitis syndrome (AES).

Gorakhpur, Maharajganj, Gonda, Bahraich and a large area of ​​Purvanchal have been battling this deadly disease for years due to the government's neglect, lack of rescue and medical negligence.

According to the statistics, there are five states in the entire country where Japanese fever is affecting the people prominently. Uttar Pradesh ranks first in this. According to data from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 924 cases of acute encephalitis syndrome have been reported in UP this year alone. Assam, Manipur, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu also have Japanese fever havoc.

What do you say experts

According to experts, this disease is usually caused by falling prey to a particular virus. In this disease people complain of mild fever and headache, but in severe cases, the health deteriorates rapidly. People may become victims of AES by eating poisonous litchi, becoming a victim of virus or bacteria, fungal or other reactions. The problem is that till now there is no sure cure for this disease, but only if it becomes a victim, a supportive treatment is done to overcome the symptoms.
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