Know why and how cheap it has become to change knees after PM's speech

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech, the price of knee replacement has seen a 70 percent drop. The new rates are 70 percent less than the old rates. But why did it happen. What did the PM say in his speech, you should also know ...

If the doctor advised a patient to change his knee, the courage of the patient was broken. Not because of the process of changing the knee, but because of the cost incurred on it, the patients were reluctant to change the knee. 

But suddenly on Wednesday, after the speech of the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi, changing the knee became 70 percent cheaper.

In fact, the government has fixed its maximum prices by curbing the 'loot' that occurs during replacement of the knee. Before that, it used to cost at least Rs 1.50 lakh to get the knee replaced, which used to have equipment of 1.14 lakh. Now the expenditure on this has been reduced to 55 thousand rupees.

However, GST is not included in this expenditure. Despite the addition of GST, the expenditure on replacement of knee is coming down.

A Look At First And Now Prices…

Expenses on knee implants Old prices New prices

Cobalt Chromium                                                              1,58,324 54,720

Titanium Oxidized Zinconium                                2.5 to 4.5 Lakh 76,000

More flexible implants                                                    1.80 to 4.5 lakh 56,490

10 years later, the implant again                                              2.75 to 6 lakh 1,13,950

Special Implants                                                                2.75 to 9 Lakh 1,13,950

The government has introduced new prices with immediate effect. In this regard, Chemicals and Fertilizers Minister Anant Kumar said that the National Pharma Pricing Authority (NPPA) has controlled the price of these devices to prevent 'robbery' done during replacement of knee.

On Independence Day, the Prime Minister said that the government is working on measures to fix the cost of knee surgery. Earlier, the government also controlled stent prices for heart patients.

According to media reports, the NPPA believes that hospitals, importers and distributors involved in the operation of knee transplant are earning up to 449 per cent. In this, importers gain about 76 percent and distributors gain about 135 percent.
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