Lung Cancer: Do You Know These Things…

There is so much about lung cancer that you do not know. It is just like a normal cough in the beginning…

Dharmapala (name changed), 43, a resident of Dharampura, a small village in Rajasthan, worked in the paint factory. Conscious of his health, Dharampal never smoked a beedi, cigarette or hookah. A few years ago, Dharampal started having problems with chest pain, breathing difficulties, cough as well as bleeding in mucus.

Dharampal's friend suggested him to see the doctor as soon as possible. Dharmapala reached Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Center and during the investigation Dharmapala came to know of lung cancer. As soon as Dharampal came to know about his illness, he broke in. In such a situation, the doctor assured him that his disease can be completely cured by treatment. After this, Dharampal is receiving treatment for five consecutive years and can be cancer free.

Dharampal's cancer is occupational cancer . Chemicals used in colored products are the cause of increased risk of genetic damage and lung cancer among paint industry workers.

Lung cancer is the most common cancer worldwide. It is also a contributor to cancer related mortality, which results in 70 thousand deaths in India. Lung cancer comes in fourth place after breast, cervical and oral cavity cancer.

Lung cancer occurring in men cancer is ranked sixth in the other women. In the context of cancer incidence, about 90 percent of lung cancer cases in India are related to cigarettes, bidis or hookahs. The presence of carcinogenic elements in the environment is the main reason for this disease in another 10 percent of people.

While smoking is the biggest factor for lung cancer , on the other hand, commercial cancer is also a cause of cancer . When a person comes in contact with a cancer causing substance at the workplace , he causes occupational cancer . It is estimated that occupational cancer is the leading cause of related deaths worldwide.

Globally, 19 percent of all cancers can be attributed to the environment, including the workplace. Due to the latent nature of this disease, it is difficult to determine the correct figure for occupational cancer .

Consult your doctor if any of these symptoms occur:

1. Cough: Continuous cough, long-lasting cough with some changes over time.

2. Cough bleeding: Consult a doctor if cough or sputum with brown color

3. Difficulty in breathing: Difficulty in breathing, feeling nervous or having a different voice while breathing.

4. Loss of appetite: Many cancers cause changes in appetite, due to which the cause starts decreasing.

5. Fatigue: Feeling weak or extremely tired is a common condition.

6. Frequent infection: Repeated infection such as respiratory tract inflammation or pneumonia can be one of the symptoms of lung cancer.

7. Bone Pain

8. Swelling of face, arms or neck

9. Headache, dizziness or limb weakness or numbness.

10. Jaundice

11. Lump the neck or collarbone area.
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