Migraine can become the cause of new disease ...

If you have a headache often, then you must read this news. Because migraine can also cause other disease ...

Those people who suffer from chronic migraine headaches, their chances of getting severe jaw disease increases up to three times. A research revealed this.

Researchers said the findings of the research showed that temporomandibular disorder (TMD) affects the joints of the jaw by not directly causing migraines. Although TMD can increase both the intensity and frequency of a migraine attack.

Leadian Florencio , researcher and lead research writer at the University of São Paulo, Brazil , said that migraine is a neurological disease with a multitude of causes, while TMD, neck pain and other brain cell disorders are a series of factors that cause migraine sufferers. Increases sensitivity and frequency of disease.

Previous studies show how migraine is associated with muscle pain associated with chewing .

The temporomandibular joint performs the same function as occupation by connecting the jaw to the bone of the skull, so the difficulty in chewing and tension of the joints include symptoms of the disorder.

Florencio stated that central sensitization may explain the relationship between the frequency of migraine attacks and the severity of TMD.

He said that recurrence of migraine attacks may increase pain sensitivity.

The research report has been published in the 'Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics'.

For the study, the team looked at women around the age of 30, who had no chronic migraine or episodic migraine or history of migraine.

Among those who did not have migraine complaints, 54 percent were found to have symptoms of TMD, while 80 percent with relevant migraine and 100 percent in women with chronic migraine.

Researchers have said that people with migraine have a high probability of having TMD, while those suffering from TMD do not necessarily have migraine.
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