Mineral and fiber food will keep kidney strong

Kidney disease can be avoided by making changes in lifestyle and food. Know how ...

Senior practitioners associated with the Society of Renewal Nutritionists and Metabolism (SRNMC) believe that it is important to pay special attention to the treatment of kidney diseases as well as the nutrition of patients.

Modern measures to prevent kidney diseases were also discussed at the National Conference of the Society, which started on Saturday at Delhi's Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. In this conference, more than seven hundred nephrologists of the world have gathered for the first time. For the first time, research in Ayurvedic medicine was also discussed in the conference.

Doctors believed from their experience that Neeri KFT, a medicine manufactured by Ayurvedic method, has proved to be very effective in preventing kidney failure.

In the conference, Professor George Abraham of Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences said that kidney diseases are increasing at a rate of about 16 percent across the country.

Our emphasis is on treatment but not on defense. Whereas kidney diseases can be avoided by making lifestyle changes. Similarly, those who are kidney patients, their mortality can be reduced by better nutrition.

For this, proper intake of water and fluids is necessary.

For the first time in the conference, a power point presentation was given on Neeri KFT, an effective drug in kidney treatment. Sanchit Sharma, executive director of Emil Pharmaceutical, the company that invented and manufactured this drug, gave the presentation and said that there is a lot of research that people who are in the early stage of kidney disease, if they take this medicine, then the disease does not increase. .

Rather, the damage that has been done to the kidneys is gradually repaired. But for this it is important to keep lifestyle and food restrained as well. Neeri has an herbicide that helps to reactivate damaged kidney cells.

According to research published in the Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, about Neeri KFTCO, the drug is made from five Ayurvedic herbs Gokhru, Varuna, Patnapura, Stonestone and Punarnava.

Tests conducted on mice have found that the function of the kidneys given the dose of Neeri KFT was found to be excellent. The amount of heavy elements, metabolic by-products like creatinine, urea, protein etc. were controlled in them.

The percentage of these elements was very high in the group which was not given the medicine.

This conference is still going on today i.e. on Sunday. In this, doctors are discussing research on prevention and treatment of kidney diseases all over the world.
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