Robots can perform surgery better than humans

The time to come is of robots. A study was done on its usefulness in the field of medicine and it was found that it is better than humans. Know what is the full report ...

In the coming time, the trend of robots in the medical field will increase. In a study conducted on the utility of robots in the field of medicine, it has been claimed that robots can prove to be better surgeons than humans and they can perform any complicated surgery well and that too without any risk.

A new study of its kind has claimed that abdominal surgeries performed with robot help are more safe and effective. Researchers at Eliana Health, a nonprofit healthcare system in the US, said robotic technology gives surgeons a better view during surgery and that lumps found in the fluid can be removed without making additional incisions in the patient's body.

Danielle Dunn, retired surgeon and head of studies at Eliana, said only a few centers have adopted robots for this process due to technical complications and the skills required for surgeons and operation room personnel. He said, but the robotic arms can roam. She can go to such places, where human hands can never go. Researchers studied about 100 patients. Most of them had cancer.

Researchers interpreted medical and safety information and analyzed their survival data. This study was published in a journal called Diseases of the Esophagus.
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