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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Scientists found 15 new species of spiders, one named Barack Obama

US scientists have detected 15 species of smiley-faced spiders. One of them is Barack Obama. Learn why Barack Obama is the name of this spider ...

Think about whether a spider or a fish can be named after the former President or Prime Minister of a country.

If you think that it cannot happen then you are wrong. Because recently, American scientists have named the spider of a particular species as Barack Obama .

Not only this, among the 15 new species that scientists have discovered, most of the names are from Obama's family.

Recently, US scientists have discovered 'smiley faced' spiders. Scientists have discovered 15 new species of spiders.

Some of these spiders have been named such as Barack Obama , Michelle Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Attenborough and Bernie Sanders.

This study of 'Smiley Faced' spiders has been published in the Zoological Journal of the Linen Society.

At the same time, Professor Ingie Agnarson of the University of Vermont, USA, stated that while naming these spiders, it was actually my and the students' aim to honor the people and artists fighting for human rights and climate change and to make the world a better place. Belonged to Because of which we choose the names of these people.

Let me tell you that before this , a new species of fish found among the coral reefs has been named after Barack Obama of America .

Along with this, a trapdoor spider, a parasitic hairworm, extinct lizard and a colorful freshwater fish, were also named after Obama .

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