Scientists prepared such smart pill, will tell the condition inside the stomach

Scientists have prepared such a smart pill, which will go inside the stomach and tell the condition inside the stomach. Know, what will this pill be like and what are its characteristics…

Scientists have developed such a small medical chip, which can be swallowed as smart pill to detect and treat diseases inside the body. This silicon chip is named Atoms Addressable Transmitters Operated Age Magnetic Spins, and researchers say that one day it can act as small robotic wording in our body.

Through this, a patient's intestines, blood or brain can be monitored. This device can measure the factors giving information about the health of the patient such as pH factor, temperature, pressure and diabetes density and can send these information to physicians. Instructions can also be given to leave this medicine.

Researchers said that the location of this device inside the body can be accurately detected. Which is a daunting task with the equipment currently in place. Professor Ajita Emami of the California Institute of Technology said, "Our dream is to make small devices that roam inside our body to either find the problem or solve them."

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This new device is designed on the principles of MRI wherein the atom in a patient's body is detected through a magnetic field.

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