Shocking revelation about tea, affects memory

If you are fond of tea, then there is good news for you. The report of the recent study has listed some such benefits of tea on health, which will double your happiness on hearing… Know what is the connection of tea to health…

You must have heard and read many things about tea till now. But in a recent study report, something has been said about tea, which will make the tea makers happy.

According to the study report, drinking one cup of tea a day does not increase the risk of dementia disease in old age . In fact, dementia is a disease in which the person's memory becomes weak, he cannot remember for much longer.

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In this case, the researchers claim that by drinking one cup of tea a day, the risk of amnesia in old age can be reduced by 50 percent.

This study has been done by scientists of National University of Singapore.

According to the researchers who studied it, it does not matter whether you are drinking green tea or black tea, you will get the benefits of tea in any form of tea. Both have the same effect on the brain. 

In fact, researchers have found in tea leaves the benefits of anti-inflammatory and anti- oxidants, named catechin and thiaflavin , that affect the area of ​​the brain from which memories are stored.
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