Should you eat a banana with milk?

Whether eating banana with milk is beneficial for health or harmful, let's know ...

By the way, both banana and milk are full of many nutrients. While milk is considered the best source of protein, potassium, fiber, vitamins etc. are found in plenty in bananas. Therefore, people are often instructed to eat these two things to stay healthy. But according to Ayurveda, taking both of these things together or mixing can harm health. If you want to consume both these things then it is better that you drink milk first, then after 20 to 25 minutes eat bananas.

Let us know the harm caused by them:

1. Consuming bananas and milk together can be harmful for asthma patients. Because they work to make phlegm. Due to which asthma patients may have trouble breathing.

2. By consuming these together, such toxins are produced in the body . Those who are prone to allergies.

3. Their properties are destroyed by mixing banana and milk. Also, it damages the intestines by impairing digestion.

4. Both the banana and milk have a cold effect. Therefore, by mixing these two, eating or drinking shake can cause problems of cold, cough and sore throat.

5. People who have more weight, avoid mixing these two things and taking them. Because it works to gain weight fast.
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