Sleep dementia risk

If you wake up late at night, then how much of dementia disease is on you and know what to do to get good sleep…

If you sleepless at night and after sleep, your sleep opens, again and again, be careful. Because in a study report it has been claimed that it can completely destroy your ability to remember.

Not only mental, but it is also not good for physical health. The researchers claim that this increases the risk of dementia disease.

The book named 'The Alzheimer's Solutions' claims something similar.

The neurologist who wrote the book says that our brain does many things while sleeping. Such as collecting and handling memories.

Let me tell you that dementia is such a problem, in which you start forgetting things, your mood starts to swell , you do not feel like working and at the same time you become irritable.

Less sleep has a bad effect on your brain, due to which the ability to remember things along with cognitive ability like thinking and thinking starts decreasing.

A study also revealed that the chances of getting cancer due to lack of sleep increases significantly.

Follow these methods to improve your sleep

1. Make a bedtime

Sleep at the same time every day and wake up at the same time. In this way, your brain will be able to sleep and wake up at one time and your sleep will start getting better.

2. Avoid eating late at night

Do not eat anything until about 3 hours before sleeping at night. Because eating late at night does not cause digestion of food, due to which your eyes keep on opening again and again after sleep and you are not able to sleep peacefully.

3. Keep the lights off at bedtime

Light has a great effect on sleep. So before lighting all the lights must be turned off. Because sleep is good in the dark.

4. Do not sleep in the afternoon

Those who do not sleep properly at night, they should avoid sleeping in the afternoon.
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