Smog in Delhi NCR: These 9 important measures will save you from problems

The most important and beneficial to avoid poisonous smog is jaggery. Yes, by including jaggery in your diet, you can avoid the troubles caused by smog.

The poisonous fog has become a threat to life in Delhi. Before the cold, the smell of smog is damaging people's lungs. The situation is bad in Delhi NCR and adjoining states. There are problems in breathing, people's eyes are burning. In many areas of Delhi NCR, the AQI index has crossed 1000 at this time.

These problems occur due to smog

Smog can cause cough, bronchitis, heart disease, skin diseases, hair loss, eye irritation, nose, ear, throat, lung infection, blood pressure patients with brain stroke. Asthma patients may have an attack. But the question is, what to do to remove all these problems? Let us tell you the methods which can be saved to a great extent from the smog of dangerous level.

1. If the AQI index is more than 150, avoid exercise, cricket, hockey, cycling, maroth with high physical activity . If the pollution level is more than 200, do not run and walk in the park. Do not walk long distances when the pollution level is more than 300. When the level is above 400, stay indoors, do not even walk normally. Stay indoors. When the pollution level is at 1000, there are situations like public health emergency. At this stage do not leave the house at all, stay at home.

2. Water is very important to remove the poison that has reached the body through the breath. So do not forget to drink water. Drink up to 4 liters of water in a day. Drink water while exiting the house. Due to this, the supply of oxygen in the body will remain correct and if the toxic gases present in the atmosphere reach the blood, it will cause less harm.

3. Use vitamin-C, omega-3 as much as possible in the food. Use honey, garlic and ginger as much as possible. In case of cough, cold, drink honey and ginger juice.

4. If coming out of the house is your compulsion then after coming home, clean the mouth, eyes and nose with lukewarm water. You can also get a sensation after coming from outside.

5. Molasses is the most important and beneficial to avoid poisonous smog. Yes, by including jaggery in your diet, you can avoid the troubles caused by smog. Because jaggery contains anti-allergic properties, due to which it is very beneficial for asthma patients. In addition, a lot of iron is found in jaggery. Iron normalizes the level of hemoglobin in the blood . Due to which the level of oxygen in the blood increases. Also, the body also gets energy from it.

6. Do not let the children come out to play until it is smog. Avoid cycling, do not walk for long.

7. If there is difficulty in cough, then add black pepper to honey. At the same time, garlic contains antibiotics that increase the ability to fight pollution.

8. Always have medicines with Asthma patients. Pregnant women wear masks even during their stay at home.

9. The pollution level is high during the morning, so do not go on the morning walk. Get out only after sunshine. Do not get out of your motorcycle or bicycle.
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