This app will treat stress and depression, learn

Now you can get rid of your mental tension by sitting at home, let's know how.

A shocking thing has been revealed in the recent survey of the World Health Organization. According to this survey, 50% of the people working in multinational companies and IT sector in India are stressed due to excessive work.

This figure is 65% among 25 to 35 year old professionals who are in dire need of medical counseling. But due to social stigma, they neither take support of family nor doctor.

People work hard day and night to achieve a good lifestyle in the running life. Good income and social status are everyone's first priority these days. But a recent survey has revealed that due to long working hours and excessive work pressure, half the working class population of India has become a victim of deep stress, which affects not only their work, but also their personal lives.

Dr. Amarjeet Bhatia says that we do not take stress often during work hours seriously. From making the boss happy in the office to moving ahead of his colleagues and doing better work, mental stress increases every day, which we ignore. Which later becomes the cause of stress and depression. The only solution is medical counseling. But most people avoid the fear of society by this.

It has become clear in the survey ...

65% of Indian youth professionals aged 22 to 25 are suffering from depression

- While this figure is 60% between 26 and 30 years of age

- And around 55% of people over the age of 31 are experiencing severe depression.

- Even school children fall prey to depression due to increasing competition and pressure from family members.

Mental stress kills our lives like a mite. But social beds do not allow us to reach a psychiatrist. But changing technology has also found a unique and simple way for this. Now you can get rid of your mental tension by sitting at home, let's know how.

Amit Munjal, founder of Doctor Insta App, that every day technology has progressed to a great extent to reduce our difficulties. In this episode, app based consultancy services is a big revolution in the health care sector. Now you do not need to be engaged in the lines of hospitals for any kind of medical help, nor will you have to cling to the psychiatrist or sexologist's chamber for fear of society. Just download this online doctor consultancy app on your mobile sitting at home and you can get any kind of medical help with a click.
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