Unique rules in Japan company, cigarette smokers will get less holiday

A Japanese company has issued a very unique rule. According to this unique rule, people who smoke will be given fewer holidays. Read the whole news, why the company has implemented such a rule ...

In a Japanese company, an out-of-the-box rule has been implemented. Under this rule, the company will give six days extra leave to the employees who do not smoke cigarettes.

Yes, you must be finding this astonishing. But this Japanese company has also given the reason behind this.  

This case is related to 'Piala', a Tokyo-based online commerce consulting and marketing company in Japan.

The company said that employees who smoke them employees raises more seat than who smoke do not. This causes harm to the company as well as other employees feel that they are working more than the smokers and giving more time to the company.

According to company spokesperson Hirotaka Matsushima, the company's office is on the 29th floor and employees have to go to the ground floor for smoking. In such a situation, it takes at least 10 minutes to get to and from the ground floor.

Apart from this, people who smoke during this time get involved in a discussion in the smoking area and the conversation also takes a lot of time.

So the company smokers decided to give rather than to improve the (people who do not smoke) reward.

The company has implemented this rule on September 1. According to the company spokesperson, the number of people smoking has decreased due to this. Employees are changing their habits to get the reward declared by the company. Some 120 employees in the company.  

However, whatever the new rules of the company, where employees will be able to enjoy more holidays, while not smoking cigarettes , their health will also improve. 
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