Why bones get weaker with age, learn

Do you know why our bones get weak in old age… here is the answer…

Researchers have identified a mechanism that explains why there is weakness in the bones of the elderly. Along with this, researchers have found a way through which in the future with increasing age, bones can be used to treat weakening.

Researchers found that osteoporosis, ie thinning of bone and decrease in density, increases the risk of bone breakdown . It is a major health problem of the elderly.

Often these conditions arise with the growth of fat cells in the bone marrow.

A study led by Professor Yu-Ping Li of the University of Alabama at Birmingham has revealed that a protein called CBF-beta plays an important role in maintaining cells in the body that help build bones.

A test on mice found that CBF-beta levels were found to be dramatically lower in bone marrow cells of older mice than in young mice.

This finding suggests that when this mechanism malfunctions, the cells stop helping to form bones and help to make fat cells.

Lee said, maintaining a protein called CBF-beta can help prevent human age-related osteoporosis.

The result of the research has been published in the journal 'Proceedings' of the National Academy of Sciences.

Researchers say that knowing of this mechanism, human bone marrow can be treated with minimal side effects.

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