World Alzheimer Day 2020: Make changes in lifestyle

September 21 is World Alzheimer's Day. Know how you can avoid this amnesia. How and who causes this disease ...

Around the world, 21 September is celebrated as World Alzheimer's Day. Actually, Alzheimer's is a disease of amnesia.

It is named after Alois Alzheimer's, who first described the disease.

What are the symptoms

In this disease, the person's ability to remember becomes weak. He is not able to take quick decisions and there are problems during the conversation.


Alzheimer's is actually a lifestyle related disease. Due to deteriorating lifestyle, the risk of blood pressure and diabetes increases. In the same way, our ability to remember is also affected by our lifestyle.

Working day and night and being physically unfit is the root cause of this disease. BP and diabetes patients have a higher risk of this disease. Sometimes an injury to the head also causes Alzheimer's.

It is similar to dementia. Dementia is considered a disease of old age that usually occurs after 60 years.

However, scientists and experts from all over the world believe that if some special changes are made in their lifestyle in time, then its danger can be avoided. Take a look at these suggestions too…

1. Social Activity

According to researchers, this disease can be avoided by staying among more and more people. Spending time with family, friends, children as much as possible reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's.

Physically active

Mental health is linked to our physical activities. The more physically active you are, the lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's.

Use a healthy and balanced diet

Healthy and balanced diet is very important to avoid dementia and Alzheimer's. Use fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, milk, eggs in your diet as much as possible.
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