5 Most Dangerous Diseases in the Summer, Learn Symptoms and Rescue Methods

Summer season is full of sun, humidity and viscosity, and it also brings many kinds of diseases. Some diseases occur in this are normal, but some are very serious. In such slight negligence, it can also cause cancer. Let’s know about some of the diseases that need to be cautious in the summer.


Most people get typhoid hearing as soon as they arrive. Many times people just ignore it as a fever, because of which this problem can sometimes be fatal. It has high fever, loss of appetite, feeling vomiting all the time and coughing is cold. To avoid this, take special care of cleanliness in food and drink. Do not eat outdoors oily food You can also vaccinate to avoid this.


In summer, people complain about the plight of the people. It is due to the increase of thyroid glands. In this disease, the swelling of the neck comes. A person suffering from stroke has difficulty breathing and cough problems. If you notice any of these symptoms, then get your treatment done in time.


Measles is a viral disease, which spreads through respiration. Its infection is transmitted mostly to small children. Anyone who has measles should be persecuted in the house. In this disease, the red color on the body becomes small grains. To prevent this, vaccination is the solution.


Jaundice is prominent in diseases that occur during summer. It is also called Hepatitis A. There is a lack of blood in the body so that the body starts to yellow. Apart from this the digestive system also becomes weak. Keep distance from contaminated food in summer. If you have jaundice then you should be very careful about cleanliness. Try to drink only boiled food and water.

chicken pox

Chickenpox infection spreads as heat knocks. Its patient gets red stains in the body and there is a complaint about headache and fever. Its initial symptom is a sore throat. Smallpox gets lots of cough and sneezes, causing this disease to spread among others. Vaccines are also used to prevent this. Also, wash your hands and legs when coming home from outside.


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