If you want to get a long hair in the slimy look, then follow these 4 steps

From Bollywood superstar John Abraham to former India captain MS Dhoni, you have seen him in long hair. At one time, both of them had a lot of headlines about their long hair.

If you are thinking about doing hairstyles like their stars, then take a decision after taking a look at some things.

Thick hair can increase trouble-

 long hair

It is important to understand their mood before raising hair. Experts believe that if you have a thick head hair, you will not find a stylish look. Apart from this, if your hair is flying from the front, then by increasing hair, the damage will be even more.

Keep the hair special!

 long hair
It is very important to keep your hair in a better shape. Keep using the conditioner on time. Some beauty products, which include texturizing and styling creams that can save hair from getting attached. During hair growth, you have to use them regularly.

Avoid dryer-wax-

 long hair

If you are using daily dryers or wax to make hair clean then hair can be a big danger. This will not only weaken the hair, but you may soon become a victim of baldness. It would be better to consult hairstylesist for hair growth.

Instead of being in stress, be happy-

 long hair

Do you know that taking stress can have a bad effect on the hair. Especially those who wish to increase their hair often lose their patience in the middle and then start worrying about it. Endurance is a big challenge at such times. It can take about one year to make the fingers tall enough to fit the fingers.


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