If you want to lose weight, definitely eat kuttu flour in fast

If you want to lose weight during Navratri, then you must also eat fruits as well as poultry. It is a high fibre source.

If you want to lose weight, definitely eat kuttu flour in fast

The Navratri fast brings with it the change of seasons. This season is changing. In order to adjust your body with this change, it is necessary to change your diet as well (Navratri fasting guide). So if you are going to fast on Navratri, then the food eaten during the fast helps you with that change. Especially if you are thinking of losing weight, then you must eat a dish made of poultry flour. It gives you many health benefits.

Buckwheat Is Not A Flower

Often, the fasters want to know what Kuttu is. It is a grain or fruit. But let us tell you that there is a law not to eat food during Navratri fast. Yes, you can have fruit in the meantime. But you will be surprised to know that Kuttu is neither a grain nor a fruit. Rather it is the seed of a flower. After drying, the dough is prepared by grinding it.

If You Want To Stay Healthy, Then Definitely Eat The Food Of Kuttu Navratri Fasting Guide

If you want to keep yourself fit and healthy, then eat kuttu dishes. They give you many health benefits. It contains a lot of vitamin B. While it is also a good source of iron and calcium. You have a good occasion of Navratri when you can eat Kuttu’s dishes. Being a carbohydrate and zinc, it is beneficial for the health of both women and men.

Kuttu Is Helpful In Weight Loss 

Some people eat only fruits during Navratri fast. This is a great option for detoxing the body. But if you want to lose weight during Navratri, then you must definitely eat fruits as well as Kuttu dishes. It is a high fibre source. Due to which the digestive system remains healthy. Which helps you to lose weight.

Don’t Feel Hungry

Food is not only used to fill the stomach, but it also gives satisfaction to the mind. You can eat any fruit or salad throughout the day until you have not eaten anything cooked, then you are not satisfied. Kuttu-made dishes give you this satisfaction. So that you prepare yourself for the next day.

Curd Is The Perfect Combination

Kuttu flour is a treasure house of many nutrients. But it is also true that it can cause some problems. Therefore, it is important to keep some special things in mind during the Seven Years. Occasionally, frequent consumption can cause constipation. Therefore, whenever you eat Kurti flour poori or Tikki, definitely take curd with it. Curd and Kuttu Ki Puri is a perfect combination. This keeps the digestion and there is no complaint of possession. While the sweet dishes are cooked in desi ghee.


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