The dark truth of Dairy Farms on the World Milk Day, the gift of profits climbed

Other nutrients including proteins and calcium present in milk are helpful in the physical development of the human. Perhaps this is the reason why the whole world is celebrating ‘World Milk Day’ today. While Congress leader Milind Deora has uploaded a video of abuse of animals in dairy farms on his official Twitter account.

With this video, Deora wrote while tagged the United Nations, ‘Do not forget that the cow is vulnerable to the cow’s vandalism and later he is sent to the slaughterhouse to die.’
This video shows the reality of Dairy Farms being run for milk production. Have you ever thought how to produce milk on such a large scale to meet the needs of so many people? There is also cruelty with these animals many times for more production.

The video shows that the cow gives milk only for one reason, to feed your baby. Like humans, the cow keeps its baby in the womb for 9 months. He makes the children grow up by milking us just like we do. After the end of the breastfeeding period, it ceases to give milk, as the right person does. But milk that is forcibly created in dairy farm is not only dangerous for wild animals, it is also harmful for human health.

Gift-bearing animals

This natural process of getting milk starts after the business of dairy farm. Artificial insemination is also done to animals here. These methods are adopted to keep the business of milk always profitable. During this time the calves of the cow are also separated from the mother.

The choice of profiteers,

These calves are quite painful in the dairy industry. Many times the employees of the dairy industry beat them ruthlessly. They are removed from the mother and put in a prison, so that they can not wander around it too. If the calf is female, then it is cooked only because of that, he will also be offering this benefit, and only the animal is the only available option for the calf.

Many times complaints-

Every single glass of your ice cream and every glass of milk has the right to those innocent calves that they never got. After breaking away from the child, the singers cry out crying all day long in the shelter. People living in the nearby areas of dairy farm have lodged a complaint with the police several times, but there was no way out.

Cow’s death in 4 to 5 years-

For the benefit of profiteers, the boy who is separated from the child usually loses the war in life from 4 to 5 years. Whereas its average age is more than 20 years. After death, they are handed over to the buyers of meat. Figures show that between 10 to 70 percent of the cow is brought to the dairy form during pregnancy. Obviously, at the moment, their maximum benefit can be availed.


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