What can be done by tears of eyes, learn electricity

Water and air produce electricity, but can tears also produce electricity? Find out the answer in this report …

Water and air make electricity, but can tears also produce electricity? Researchers claim something similar in the recent report.

Scientists say that the proteins found in egg whites, tears, saliva, and milk of mammal organisms can be used to generate electricity and create unique therapeutic tools in the future.

Researchers at the University of Limerick UL, Ireland, found that electricity can be produced by pressurizing the crystals of lysozyme, a type of protein.

This ability to generate electricity by creating pressure is known as direct pressure piezoelectricity . This material properties, which mechanical energy such as crystalline electrical energy give and converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Researchers say that crystals of lysosomes can be easily formed by natural means. Through this discovery, more research can be done in the field of energy generation and it can be used on a large scale.

This research has been published in Applied Physics Letters.


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