When an Indian woman scientist found a cure for cancer

Aryabhata made mathematics easier by discovering zero, on the other hand, some Indian women scientists in history, whose discovery gave the world a new option to treat dangerous diseases.

Among the famous and promising scientists of the country and the world, you must have heard the names of many Indian scientists. While on the one hand, Aryabhata made mathematics easy by searching for zero, on the other hand, some Indian women scientists in history, whose discovery gave the world a new option to treat dangerous diseases. One of them was Aseema Chatterjee.

She is the first Indian woman to have been given the title of Doctor of Science by the University, the President of India has elected Aseema Chatterjee as a member of Rajya Sabha.

Aseema Chatterjee was born on September 23, 1917 in Kolkata. Then it was unusual for girls to study beyond high school. Although her father Dr. Indranarayan Mukherjee and mother Kamala Devi never put a stop to this, Asima had to face opposition from some elders due to being in the joint family.

Aasima was the eldest of her siblings, so there was more pressure on her that her siblings would learn from them.

Aseema passed her 10th from the Bethun Collegiate in Kolkata in 1932 and also passed the ISC exam in the year 1934. Aasima received scholarship from the Government of Bengal in ISC.


After this, Aseema now wanted to study college. But it was not so easy for him to get admission in Coed College. Despite facing opposition from his own family, with the help of his mother, he took admission in Scottish Church College. Asima took admission in the Nedipartment of Chemistry. Aasima was the only girl to get admission in this department.

Was also fond of music

Asima Chatterjee was as smart in reading, she was also in the best music. He was more interested in vocal music. He also took training in classical music. Learned Dhrupad and Khayal for about 14 years and secured second place in the All Bengal Music Competition held in 1933.

Excellent knowledge of Sanskrit

Aseema had a very good grasp on Sanskrit language. This was the reason that she used to read historical articles of old writers. His father also used to praise his skill many times.

America reaches 11-month-old daughter

In 1940, Aseema joined the Founder Head of the Chemistry Department of Lady Brabourne College and in 1944, she was appointed as Honorary Lecturer of the University of Kolkata. But Assamese wanted to do more research in the field of chemistry, so he decided to go to America in the year 1947. She reached America with her 11-month-old daughter and a babysitter.

It was here that he met Swami Nikhilanandji Maharaj and Swami Prabhabanandji Maharaj at the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center in the US. After this, as Aseema has found her way. Aseema was encouraged to move forward.

Aseema Chatterjee developed many medicines after this. Among these, the development of anti-cancer, epilepsy and anti-malarial drugs is most important.


Aseema was married to Dr. Bardananda Chatterjee. Bardanand was a well-known physical chemist. Professor Chatterjee had a profound influence on his wife Aseema. If Aseema could dedicate herself to science, then Professor Chatterjee’s encouragement and cooperation also contributed to it.



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