World Heart Day: Eat peanuts, heart will remain young

If you want to keep your heart always young and healthy, then eat peanuts every day. Know what are the benefits of eating peanuts …

If you often have stomach problems or are at risk of heart-related illness, then make a habit of eating peanuts daily. In a recent report of the University of Pennsylvania, it has been claimed that eating peanuts every day reduces the risk of heart and stomach disease.

According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, people who eat 85 grams of peanuts daily reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. Peanuts are helpful in reducing harmful blood fat in the blood.

Actually, these fats present in the blood begin to freeze in the blood arteries and the blood flow starts to block and gradually the arteries are completely closed, due to which a stroke or heart attack occurs.

In this case, peanuts are helpful in keeping the arteries clean. It does not allow fat to accumulate in the arteries and thus both the heart and stomach remain healthy.

In addition , an amino acid called arginine found in peanuts is effective in maintaining blood pressure normal. So if someone has a problem of blood pressure, then eating peanuts can prove beneficial for him .

If you are allergic to peanuts, eat only after consulting a doctor.


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